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Post  LRRP on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:42 am

We are in San Miguel del Allende(550 miles south of Lardo) for a couple of days and there seems to be something wrong with the forum. It would not leteven me onto the forum page to sign-in since it said I wasn't registered, just a blank page saying it couldn't be done. I thought I found the forum but it didn't like my name Reed and the sign-in so I re-registered. Now it won't open to current topics.

We are here for a couple of days to just relax, read a novel, have a few cups of tea. We have been on the road for four days and that is usually quite enough. The Mexican roads have greatly improved in the last two years (or we are getting lowered expectations). The primary cuota (toll-roads) have been resurfaced.


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